TTX just seemed like the most thorough of the possible suppliers we talked with. They covered all the bases.
Larry Francis, Production Paint Finishers Inc.(Bradford, OH)
Benefits One of the biggest advantages to having a TTX system is that TTX is able to innovatively create products that are designed to a company’s specifications. Spray booths are a function of a finishing system that when designed and fabricated by Therma-Tron-X are of the utmost quality, uniquely efficient, cost effective and tailored for the product.

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Liquid Coating

Liquid coating systems from Therma-Tron-X have a reputation for dependability and reliability. TTX will design the system for the ground up and provide testing, fabrication and installation services that will ensure that the system will provide maximum value for minimal investment. TTX coating systems stress efficiency and consistency from cleaning to curing.

New formulations in liquid paint have low levels of volatile organic compounds and are HAPs-compliant and chrome-free, designed to comply with federal and local environmental mandates making liquid spray paints more environmentally friendly.  


System options:

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