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Below are just a few words from some of our satisfied customers.


Greg Klemenswicz  | Tru-Tone Finishing 

“Just wanted to let you know, [TTX]helped me out of a major jam yesterday on my cure oven in TX (Texas). Problem was brought to [TTX’s]attention late in the day around 5pm. [TTX]created me a check sheet to trouble shoot before…leaving work. That alone was going the extra mile for me. [TTX] checked back in with me around 6, I still had been unable to solve the problem. At that point [TTX]went back into work to help walk me through step by step. Long story short we spent almost 2 hours on the phone and in the end we were back up and running. I have major commitments to meet with my customers and if I were down this morning I would have been in a tight spot.

I can’t thank [TTX]and your staff enough for all you support. His actions went way past good customer service.”



Larry Francis, Production Paint Finishers Inc.(Bradford, OH)

“TTX just seemed like the most thorough of the possible suppliers we talked with. They covered all the bases”

“…to match our existing washer and still enable us to do zinc phosphate, they designed the zinc stage with a tapered floor and a filter press. We recirculate the zinc phosphate through the filter to keep sludge down. They even helped us solve problems on our existing washer.”

“This system gives us the flexibility to meet all our customers’ demands.”

TTX spray booths are built of 18 gauge galvanized steel panels and have a heavy duty steel framework that is designed to meet or exceed FM, OSHA and NFPA 30 standards. TTX spray booths provide the ideal paint application conditions that balance airflow and minimize overspray. Recirculated air systems, side-draft, cross draft or down draft air flow, multi-level filtration, powered man-lifts, conservative air flow, high efficiency dry filter or water wash filtration, high intensity lighting, paint sludge separation, and more are available. Whether you are looking for a steady continuous flow through your process or you are interested in a conveyor system that diverts your products to different areas throughout your facility, TTX engineers design your material handling method to meet your needs.

Bob Wiedenhaft, Phoenix Coaters, with operations in Berlin, Mayville, and Beaver Dam, Wis.,

"We placed an order on July 3 with Therma-Tron-X and tum-keyed the new paint line in December,"

“…start-up issues were kept to a minimum. With the size of this system, they did an outstanding job."

"[In house]we initially received a lot of resistance to this new concept… But once again, Therma-Tron-X answered the call.”

"TTX stepped up to the challenge, and I'm pleased to tell you our inline process is working perfectly. Not only is Alodine a direct replacement for chromate convers ion products, but it is also very cost effective."

TTX conveyors automate any finishing system operation and seamlessly link a variety of processes. Therma-Tron-X designs and manufactures spray booths that fit your finishing system requirements. E-coat has long been recognized as an excellent way to apply a high-quality primer or finish coat on metal parts, even very large ones.  A power and free conveyor fully automates your manufacturing process and efficiently transfers product between manufacturing, finishing and final assembly/shipping areas. It can allow the load/unload to be stationary while the rest of the products that travel in the free track, remain in motion.

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum

"A strong, skilled work force is a critical component to a healthy Wisconsin economy,"

"Businesses like Therma-Tron-X are ensuring the strength of tomorrow’s workforce by offering incentives for Wisconsin workers to remain in Wisconsin where they are needed."

Scott Sherwood, Plant Manager; Baldor Generators

“We chose TTX as the Brand/Supplier to in hopes of good communication, on-time delivery, superior product, and great service.  We are completely satisfied on all fronts.”

“TTX not only provided a great plan for our current needs, but put together an excellent team to execute these plans.”

“[The TTX team] exceeded expectations.”

“The [TTX] team that put this system together was exceptional, the workmanship was top notch, they were pleasant to work with, cleaned up after themselves, always ready to go every morning and worked a full shift, were able and willing to answer questions.”

TTX pre-treatment systems can be fabricated using mild or stainless steel. Slotted roof designs protect conveyor lubricant from contaminating parts In the years since TTX was started, thousands of finishing systems of every type have been produced. Many manufactures seeking to process their products through state of the art facilities have come to TTX for complete finishing systems. TTX environmental rooms are constructed using aluminum skinned foam paneling and are supported by a heavy steel framework, which also carries the conveyor through your powder coating equipment.

Dennis C. Cook, President and Founder of DC Coaters, Inc.

“In 1993 I was out of work and was not sure what to do next but with the help of…TTX, I was able to start DC Coaters, Inc.   We have been here nearly 19 years and have two TTX SST machines.  Speaking for our 45 people I want to thank TTX…”

E-coat ensures superior corrosion protection. Consistent, controlled application nearly eliminates the need for manual touchups. The Econ-E-Coat finishing system comes complete with all the necessary components and is easy to install. In addition, design flexibility allows TTX to modify the Econ-E-Coat to suit your exact process requirements. TTX’s proven technology has enabled many shops to do their own finishing work.

Keith Hrobsky, Generac Power Systems

“Everything TTX does is thorough, detailed and well built. TTX does not make equipment to last for 5 years, they make equipment to last 100 years.”

“I am always amazed when I see something TTX has made because everything is labeled clearly and put together with thought.”

“I am proud to say that our Generac Whitewater facility has a waste water treatment system, chiller system and now an RO system built by TTX…”

“…I tell everyone I can about TTX and the quality and customer service that comes out of TTX.”

“[TTX] is always right on things when I have issues, getting me prices, part numbers, manuals, programs and sensors and [they] are always right there to help me with ordering consumables, shipping and billing. I cannot count the amount of times [they] have helped me get through situations on our shop floor.”

TTX Environmental wastewater treatment systems recycle cleaners, neutralize acids and alkalis, precipitate metals, detackify paints, clarify output water and concentrate solids for disposal. Systems can be operated on a batch or continuous basis, depending on volume. Not only do TTX Environmental water treatment systems require very little maintenance, they are fabricated using only high-quality materials. TTX believes in developing partnerships with its customers.  Wastewater treatment units can help cut down on water and sewer costs and require minimal manpower to operate. In addition, TTX Environmental wastewater treatment systems keep your plant in compliance with state, federal and local regulations, helping your business protect the surrounding environment and keep in compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

Darren Hermanson, PMP Staff Engineer; KOHLER Co. |Kohler Power Systems

“I have worked with many contractors and vendors over the years and I can honestly say that Therma-Tron-X is at the top of my list with regards to customer service and performance of their work..”

“The quality of their work in the bidding process was outstanding and very detailed.”

“I felt a strong sense of trust in my relationship with TTX during the installation and start-up of the project. The workers that installed the system … in our facility were very courteous and thorough.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with their work.  Due to their strong project management and work ethic, we were able to start-up the paint system a few days ahead of schedule. ”

“I think the most impressive quality about TTX is that they stand behind and hold themselves accountable for their work.”

Therma-Tron-X designs, fabricates and installs combination-coating systems for original equipment manufacturers and contract coating businesses. Many of TTX's clients are now opting for combination coating systems that offer the outstanding corrosion resistance and coverage provided by a powder or liquid top coat applied over an E-coat primer. Powder and liquid top coat technologies can provide the multicolor flexibility that many manufacturers require for their products. At TTX, we understand that coating requirements, space, cost, part size, part chemistry, production rate, manpower, industry standards and regulations are important factors when it comes to engineering your ideal finishing system.

Tom Reifel, President Reifel Industries, Inc.

“Reifel Industries has purchased four new SST electrocoat machines from Therma-Tron-X (TTX) since 1996. Before each purchase we carefully examined all the alternatives. We consider new or used; monorail, programmable hoist or square transfer. After every comparison we always go back to the SlideRail Square Transfer (SST) by TTX.”

“The SST is an incredibly robust machine. Unexpected downtime is almost non-existent. Routine and preventative maintenance is simple and straight forward.  [Reifel Industries]first machine purchased in 1996 now has over 55,000 hours of operating time and still runs 24 hours per day and often 6 to 7 days per week.”

“Although the machines are robust and dependable the real strength of Therma-Tron-X is its people. We have never been turned down on a request of any kind. Everyone is helpful and truly wants us to be successful. They have been a great partner.”

“I am certain when we need a fifth electrocoat machine we will again explore all the alternatives. However, I doubt we will find a better value than purchasing another new SST from Therma-Tron-X, Inc.”

The SST™ coating system is unlike any other system in the finishing business. Not only does it significantly reduce the amount of floor space needed, it also allows increased load density. Since parts index vertically in and out through each stage, immersion and spray treatments can be accomplished in tanks only slightly larger than the maximum work envelope. Therma-Tron-X SST™ systems can handle high volume electrocoating, autodepostion coating, powder coating, liquid spray painting, cleaning, pretreatment and heat treating operations with ease.