The SST® is an incredibly robust machine. Unexpected downtime is almost non-existent. Routine and preventative maintenance is simple and straight forward. [Reifel Industries] first machine purchased in 1996 now has over 55,000 hours of operating time and still runs 24 hours per day and often 6 to 7 days per week.
Tom Reifel, President Reifel Industries, Inc.
Benefits The SST® coating system is unlike any other system in the finishing business. Not only does it significantly reduce the amount of floor space needed, it also allows increased load density. Modular construction allows faster installation and automatic voltage control reduces paint costs. A PLC makes it easy to automatically lengthen immersion times and ensure proper coating thicknesses, as well as monitor tank levels and oven temperatures.

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In 1987, Therma-Tron-X built the first SLIDERAIL SQUARE TRANSFER® (SST®) material handling system. The revolutionary SST® system performs high volume finishing operations using a fraction of the space required by traditional monorail systems. Parts index along a pair of low-maintenance slide rails, rather than a chain conveyor. Racks of product suspended from load bars raise and lower in and out of the processing tanks simultaneously, and move in unison through the finishing process, minimizing material handling time.  
All paint system components are contained in one compact unit and managed by a PLC. Because flexibility is one of the strengths of SST® technology, each system is built from the ground up to meet individual needs.

The SST® Advantage:

  • Exceptional reduction in floor space
  • Significantly higher load density
  • Modular construction for fast installation and relocation
  • Ability to load/unload from stationary conveyor positions
  • Immersion and spray pretreatment capability
  • Less paint and chemical volume required for fills/dumps
  • Adjustable drain times
  • Tilting above and down in every stage
  • Bottom entry and exit ovens 
  • Can be integrated with any conveyor system
  • Allows multiple processing without reduction of throughput



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