“TTX just seemed like the most thorough of the possible suppliers we talked with. They covered all the bases”
Larry Francis, Production Paint Finishers Inc. (Bradford, OH)

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OEM of Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

TTX Environmental has been working since 1985 to develop wastewater treatment systems that minimize operational costs and environmental impact. Our innovative engineers work to develop a plan that optimizes your production and meets the stringent regulations that affect your business. TTX Environmental designs, builds and integrates all the water and wastewater components that you need so that you can focus on production. Industries that utilize TTX Environmental range from food service to industrial finishing houses.

 At TTX Environmental, we use wastewater minimization technologies and process bath reclamation to help bring your plant into compliance with federal, state and local discharge standards. We specialize in chemical precipitation, metal sorption, ion exchange and membrane separation.

Our iron removal units not only remove dissolved metal from your pickling solution, they simultaneously restore acid content to the proper operational concentration. They allow the acid to be reused indefinitely. TTX Environmental manufactures reverse osmosis (RO) units for virtually any application, either commercial or industrial. RO units can be used to provide exceptionally clean water for critical manufacturing procedures and require minimal operator oversight. Wastewater reuse can increase the green footprint of your company profile and help bring your plant into compliance with federal, state and local discharge standards. At TTX Environmental we use TrueBlue™ technology to polish and reclaim wastewater, decreasing chemical consumption and sludge production. TTX Environmental filter presses dewater sludge taken from clarifiers and minimize its volume. Utilizing a corrosion resistant, robust design, Our filter presses handle the toughest separation jobs under the most difficult conditions.  An important component of any complete wastewater treatment system, TTX Environmental clarifiers remove suspended solids from wastewater using density differences and gravity. We design, fabricate and install pump skids and complete pumping systems for use in many different processes. Our pump skids combine all your pumping equipment into one central unit that is pre-wired, pre-piped and easy to install. TTX Environmental process mixers boast a no-nonsense design that ensures reliable operation. You can trust TTX to provide the most complete system, taking into consideration your needs and budget.

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