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[TTX] is always right on things when I have issues, getting me prices, part numbers, manuals, programs and sensors and [they] are always right there to help me with ordering consumables, shipping and billing. I cannot count the amount of times [they] have helped me get through situations on our shop floor.
Keith Hrobsky, Generac Power Systems
Benefits TTX Environmental focuses exclusively on water and wastewater treatment products, paying close attention to changing regulations and new environmental concerns. Engineers from TTX Environmental evaluate wastewater stream before recommending the best wastewater system for the customer. A wide variety of modular system components are easy to install and provide flexibility for future expansion.

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Wastewater Treatment Systems

TTX Environmental has been working since 1985 to develop wastewater treatment systems that minimize operational costs and environmental impact. TTX Environmental uses wastewater minimization technologies and process bath reclamation to help bring facilities into compliance with federal, state and local discharge standards. TTX Environmental specializes in chemical precipitation, metal sorption, ion exchange and membrane separation. 

TTX Environmental wastewater treatment systems are innovatively engineered to meet the customers needs in the most cost effective and efficient way, using high-quality materials.

We offer several different wastewater treatment components:

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