"[In house] we initially received a lot of resistance to this new concept… But once again, Therma-Tron-X answered the call.”
Bob Wiedenhaft, Phoenix Coaters, with operations in Berlin, Mayville, and Beaver Dam, Wis.,
Benefits Not only can a water reuse system be easily incorporated into your existing wastewater treatment system, TTX Environmental manufactures standalone systems. The standalone systems decrease capital outlay, take up less floor space and require less manpower and operating costs than a more traditional wastewater treatment approach.

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Water Reuse

Before reusing water at a plant, it must be polished. The term “water polishing” refers to any process that removes contaminants from water. TTX Environmental uses TrueBlue™ technology to polish and reclaim wastewater, decreasing chemical consumption and sludge production.
Wastewater reuse can increase a companies green footprint and help bring a plant into compliance with federal, state, and local discharge standards. Not only can water polishing decrease chemical consumption by more than 50 percent, but it also decreases sludge production by more than 50 percent. 


  • Stand alone systems available
  • Can be incorporated into exsiting systems
  • Utilize TrueBlue™ technology

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