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Installation Coordinator

Reports to:  Installation Manager

Position Summary:

TTX Mission Statement: 

To be a family that demonstrates extraordinary passion, hard work, and integrity with steadfast loyalty and support for those we serve: our employees, our communities, and our customers.

General Responsibilities:

• Provide professional, courteous, and effective interaction with customers and customer’s 

  representatives for the purpose of successful job completion.

• Provide professional, courteous, and effective interaction with TTX installation personnel      

  and subcontractors.

• Provide constructive feedback and suggestions that could improve TTX performance and TTX 

  customer satisfaction.

• Provide proactive problem prevention and resolution.

• Provide quality control over the installation and start-up phases of the project, including safety.

• Provide feedback to TTX regarding design, installation, purchasing, fabrication, and 

  subcontractor strengths and areas needing improvement.

• Travel 5-15 days a year on short trips to fulfill the obligations as described below.

• Attend the weekly service meeting.

• Attend the bi-weekly installation meeting.

• Attend the monthly TTX/MTX meeting.

• Read and follow written and verbal instructions.

Primary Job Responsibilities:

• Participate in the data collection of performance metric related data comparing installation 

  budget to actual.

• Participate in the data collection of performance related data for existing contractors a minimum 

of once a year using a digital “report card” to track contractor performance over time.

• Perform the duties of the travel coordinator when out of the office.

• Update and maintain the detailed installation personnel plans using the Excel Installation 

  Manpower Sheet.

• Solicit shop personnel for system and service work.

• Investigate day to day problems as they are identified and provide timely resolution.

• Work with Service Department to determine what resources are needed for service projects.

• Assist Installation Leadman to coordinate tools with Maintenance for installations.

• Communicate with Install, Service, Accounting, and Production on personnel traveling.

• Follow safety procedures and reporting requirements, including participating in all required 

  safety training.

• Keep up to date with training records and facilitate with training renewal where needed.


• High school diploma or equivalent.

• Minimum of 5 years of related experience.

• Must be willing to travel on short trips.

• Must be willing to travel internationally.

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