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Manufacturing Engineer

Reports to: VP of Production

Position Summary:

The Manufacturing Engineer’s responsibilities include identifying areas of improvement, maintain high levels of manufacturing and product quality, designing new products and processes, as well as ensuring cost-efficiency and conformance with regulatory standards. Provide support and recommendations  to management, engineering and shop personnel regarding manufacturability and capability to produce engineered designs.

General Responsibilities:

  • Support manufacturing to reach goals.

  • Improve manufacturing methods.

  • Communicates directly with engineers and necessary personnel regarding drawings and materials required.

  • Develop detailed layouts for equipment, processes, and workflow.

  • Works closely with the Manufacturing Manager to evaluate current and future shop capacity requirements, based on the production schedule, and determines floor space, workforce, and equipment utilization.

  • Work with production supervision and teams to resolve manufacturing and quality problems related to methods, processes, tooling, equipment, and product design.

  • Evaluating existing manufacturing processes and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Troubleshoot, analyze, and solve new or existing product problems involving designs, materials, or processes to improve quality, safety, and efficiency.

  • Identify opportunities for reductions in labor hours in fabrication, welding, paint, and structural assembly departments.

  • Determining problem resolutions and implementing improvements.

  • Research new processes, equipment, and products, leading to recommendations to management.

  • Performs other duties as assigned by performing related tasks as needed to assist in overall company success.



  • Mechanically inclined.

  • Knowledge of the different parts of production (welding, fitting, electrical, plumbing).

  • Approachable to all levels within the organization and works to establish rapport and a strong working relationship with those served.

  • Able to drive and successfully lead projects of significance across multiple departments.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Is flexible and can adapt to changing requirements, schedules, deadlines, and priorities.

  • Possesses excellent computer, math, and critical thinking skills.

  • Demonstrate knowledge in CAD and/or SolidWorks.

  • Demonstrates proficiency in the use of MS Office products including but not limited to: Word, Excel, Teams, PowerPoint, etc.

  • Hands-on approach out on the floor working with team members to communicate updates and improvements regarding quality, safety,  and productivity.

  • Understands the manufacturing process in assembly and machining.

  • Understand material properties and how to effectively cut, form, bend, and weld steel materials.

  • Strong organization and management skills.


  • Degree in manufacturing, industrial, or mechanical engineering preferred.

  • 3+ years of experience in manufacturing or industrial engineering preferred.

  • Experience evaluating and trouble shooting manufacturing processes and machinery.

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