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Stock Room Clerk

Reports to: Inventory Manager

Position Summary:

The stockroom is a service department whose primary responsibilities are to receive all bill of material requests and coordinate their flow through the stockroom to ensure completion. As a member of the stockroom team, you will assist both TTX employees as well as external customers as appropriate to the operation of the stockroom.

General Responsibilities:

Stock Check Responsibilities:

  • Receive all e-mails for Bills of Materials on jobs

  • Receive the printed job bill of materials

  • Do stock checks for jobs within the 48 hours

  • Set up job bins and ensure they are properly labeled

  • Fill out the job transfer sheets and update daily

  • Assist TTX employees find parts in job bins, stockroom and on the job shortage sheet

  • Assist with job deletes by deleting the product returned from TTX job sites

  • Count items selected by Inventory Manager daily to ensure inventory accuracy

Shipping Responsibilities:

  • Assist Shipping Clerk with packaging and processing UPS items to foreign and domestic customers, this includes OE's

  • Assist Shipping Clerk with packaging and processing UPS to TTX Job Sites

  • Ship items LTL to TTX job sites

  • Assist Shipping Clerk with packaging returns to vendors from overstock or job returns and wrong items

Receiving Responsibilities:

  • Assist with unloading and receiving deliveries

  • Back-up for the following:

  • Check in product from purchase orders for stock and jobs

  • Enter the receiving on the PO when items are checked in

  • Once received, deliver items to job bins, office, shop personnel and the stockroom shelves

  • Handle all vendor errors and reporting to purchasing

  • Check items that are put into inspection

  • Enter items that are to be returned to vendors


  • High School diploma

  • Previousshipping/receiving experience is helpful

  • Computer knowledge in the areas of: Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

  • High level of accuracy while entering and reviewing data

  • Ability to work independently and solve problems in an efficient manner

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