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Transportation Specialist

Reports to: Transportation Manager

Position Summary:

General Responsibilities:

  • Part of the three person team processing documentation for shipping domestic and international jobs and parts orders.  

  • Documentation will include, but not be limited to bills of lading, packing lists, commercial invoices, shippers export declarations, certificates of origin, and shippers letters of instruction to comply with all applicable federal laws.

  • Track and expedite shipments.

  • Determine product export classifications under the United States Export Control Classification Number (ECCN), Harmonized Tariff Schedule and Schedule B commodity numbers.

  • Approve export billing invoices.

  • Communicate with internal and external customers.

  • Work with customers and vendors to meet the customer’s transportation requirements.

  • Communicate with and schedule carriers and equipment (over dimension and legal truckload, containers, and less than truckload).

  • Provide freight quotations to customers and sales.

  • Plan, coordinate, and execute domestic and export transportation plans.

  • Analyze transportation problems and arrive at solutions.

  • Attend meetings as required.


  • 1 -5 years of international transportation experience with focus on export compliance.

  • Bachelor Degree or Associate Degree in Transportation is a plus.

  • Experience working with freight forwarders and brokers.

  • Have strong interpersonal skills.

  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Ability to work independently and on a team.

  • Knowledge of Encompix ERP System is a plus.

  • Ability to be flexible in a fast paced environment.

  • Must be detail oriented.

  • Possess the ability to solve problems.

  • Ability to assist in the education of company personnel on export control procedures and issues.

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