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The revolutionary SST® system performs high volume finishing operations using a fraction of the space required by traditional monorail systems. Parts index along a pair of low-maintenance slide rails, rather than a chain conveyor. Racks of product suspended from load bars raise and lower in and out of the processing tanks simultaneously, and move in unison through the finishing process, minimizing material handling time.

  • TTX proprietary technology

  • Flexible- completely customized

  • High volume finishing operations

  • Small footprint

  • Minimizes material handling

  • managed by PLC

TTX ENV Treatment

wastewater containing dissolved metal ions must be treated prior to discharge to municipal sewer systems or to surface waters

the chemical characteristics of the target ions themselves are used to clean the water

coagulants and flocculant polymers can be added to allow the precipitated metal ions to form particles of sludge that can settle our of the water

after the target metal ions are precipitated, a clarifier can be used to separate the sludge

the remaining water is pH adjusted and released to a municipal sewer or a surface water treated and safe for the environment

Powder / Environmental Room

TTX environmental rooms are constructed using aluminum skinned foam paneling and are supported by a heavy steel framework, which also carries the conveyor through your powder coating equipment. A unique air distribution plenum is easily adjustable for circulated air uniformity and high performance light fixtures make coated part inspection easy. TTX environmental rooms are easily interfaced with your new or existing finishing systems.

Top-coat Ovent

Gel Zone

Quite zone, infrafre gel, or melt zone

infrared Gel is PLC settable by the selected recipe

Cure ovens

class A finishes

aluminized steel interirors and exteriors

blowers, fans and ductwork sized for optimal air circulation

multiple zones:




elevated platforms

even air distribution, reciculation, air filtration

fast ramp-up and quick purge

low energy requirements with heat recovery and reuse

forced cooling

galvanized sheet metal panels and structural steel

excess heat exhausted from the tunnel

filtered fresh air intake section

Water Treatment

TTX wastewater treatment systems recycle cleaners, neutralize acids and alkalis, precipitate metals, detackify paints, clarify output water, and concentrate solids for disposal. Systems can be operated on a batch or continuous basis, depending on volume.

RO is a method of water purification that uses membrane technology

TTX RO units do not require water softeners or carbon filters as pretreatment

TTX RO units are designed to work at rated capacity for nearly any feed-water temperature

The RO will product the rated flow year-round

Material Handling

Every Therma-Tron-X conveyor system is custom designed for a specific application. TTX conveyors automate any finishing operation and seamlessly link a variety of processes. Conveyors can significantly reduce the amount of labor needed to move parts around a plant.

Material handling

Variable speed for high speed transfer

part tracking and data management

stops for loading/unloading

Power and Free

Interconnected power track and free track chanels

carriers disengage/engage the chain to allow loading and unloading

switches divert carriers to different conveyor lines for versitility

Programmed Hoist

customized for high up-time performance

serves wide variety of finishing processes

handles the heaviest workloads

fabricated,programmed and tested before shipment

variety of configurations for smaller footprint


carries parts through the paint application process on a continuous moving chain

highest production option

low maintenance


TTX further designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of conveyors, including


enclosed track

overhead power and free

inverted power and free

chain on edge

power and gravity roller




UL® 508A authorized panel shop

Design, manufacture, install, support and service control panels

customized system tailored exactly to your needs


     remost support

     diagnostic capability

     customized special purpose applications

intuitive touch screen interface with easy to read graphic displays

programming, prewiring and testing are done in-house

integrates the paint processes into your own Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE)




     Expandable industrial network archetectures

SST® Ovens

Class A finishes

Aluminzed steel interiors and exteriors

Blowers, fans and ductwork sized for optimal circulation

Multiple Zones:



Elevated platforms

Even air distribution, reciculation, air filtration

Fast ramp-up and quick purge

Low energy requirements with heat recovery and reuse

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