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Automated Conveyor Carrier

Flexible, Automated, Cutting Edge Material Handling

TTX offers the Automated Conveyor Carrier (ACC®) system.

The TTX ACC® is a flexible, safety engineered and cost-effective material handling solution.


There is no other overhead conveyor system like it!


ACC® units are:

battery powered, automatic, durable and multi-directional, providing reliable and consistent point-to-point movement of everything from small to heavy parts.

The TTX ACC®’s are designed

with green standards in mind

Green Machine-01.png

• Energy efficient

• Mass flow in the ovens is greatly reduced in comparison to traditional monorail and Power and Free systems

• Electrically controlled ACC® vehicles

• Material conservation

• Modular system that can be expanded as your company grows

• Resource efficient

• Speed, direction and energy can be modified per carrier and per load

• Charging happens while in use

• Environmentally friendly

• Autonomous electrically controlled vehicles

• Quiet, efficient design

The TTX ACC®’s are designed

with safety in mind

safety shield-01.png

• To enhance the user interface each unit is equipped with

• Signal lights

• Audible alerts for situational awareness

• Safety scanners for collision avoidance

Carriers run at a whisper noise level for user comfort

• Has the ability to change speed

• Individual carrier torque control

• Smooth and precise control

• Fully enclosed power source

• No exposed conductor bar

The TTX ACC®’s are designed to be flexible

flexible black.png

• Multi-directional and multi speed

• Individual variable acceleration and deceleration control

• Multi-traction capability per vehicle, per process

• Easy integration of new parts

• Precise location accuracy

• Robot implementation

• Allows for non-traditional conveyor layouts

• Variable speed capability with no hardware modifications

• Demand-oriented process times instead of fixed-cycle times 

The TTX ACC®’s are designed

with growth potential


• ACC®’s are hung on an overhead I-beam with standard I-beam sizes

• As your business and production needs grow, so can the number of carriers

• Implement the right number of vehicles for the job

•Easier scalable capacity compared to the line concept

• Base track infrastructure is simple

• Track can be installed by almost everyone

• Installation time and cost is minimal compared with other forms of overhead conveyor

• Easy integration of new, specialized processes

The TTX ACC®’s are designed

to be maintenance friendly


• Reduced install time with simple standard track infrastructure 

• Vehicles can be easily placed into or out of service for maintenance

• Maintenance can occur offline when in the ideal location and lighting  

• Allows for easy system modification

• Commonality of parts reduce spare part requirements

• Proven technology with 15+ years

• Standard ACC® vehicles with on board schematic placards

• ACC® vehicles are modularly built, tested and shipped to your facility

How they work

The TTX ACC®’s utilize an Adjustable Traction Drive Wheel

• Traction can be adjusted universally or intermittently depending on the task

• Adjusting traction to the task greatly increases operator safety over other forms of overhead conveyor

Battery Charging Station.jpg
The ACC® system incorporates a wireless ethernet network that sends instructions to each vehicle via an access point provided by TTX. TTX will perform a Wi-Fi survey to determine requirements once the conveyor system is purchased. The ACC®’s are not an open air system. Each carrier travels through the system using a dedicated ACC®. When switching is required, the control system communicates to the ACC®’s sensors, via access points, to give carriers instructions on what to do at each decision. In order to minimize process time, the ACC® systems are equipped with automatic charging stations located along the path. 



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