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Liquid Coating


Liquid spray coating systems from Therma-Tron-X have a reputation for dependability and reliability. TTX will design your industrial paint finishing system from the ground up, and provide testing, fabrication and installation services that will ensure the system provides maximum value for minimal investment. TTX coating systems stress efficiency and consistency from cleaning to curing.

New formulations in liquid paint have low levels of volatile organic compounds and are HAPs-compliant and chrome-free, designed to comply with federal and local environmental mandates making liquid spray paints more environmentally friendly.  


​E-Coat System options:​​


Liquid spray coatings can be used on heat sensitive products and as high-gloss topcoats. New formulations make liquid spray paints more environmentally friendly and low levels of volatile organic compounds make the paint less damaging. Durable spray coating will protect parts from corrosion while providing a decorative finish and color.

Practical Application

Because liquid spray coating uses low temperature curing, it can be used when heat sensitive material is involved. It is effective as a Class A automotive finish and provides a shiny, high-quality appearance.

Cost Effectiveness

Liquid spray coating saves on heating because it does not require high temperature curing. In addition, liquid spray coating systems take advantage of recirculated booths, further reducing energy costs. Technical advancements in robotics automate systems and reduce labor expenses.

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