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Therma-Tron-X employs the latest in technology, design, and construction to incorporate autodeposition technology into many different material-handling systems. Each product is precision engineered to best meet operational requirements.

Autodepostion is a water-based, immersion technology that uses chemical reactions to achieve a high quality, uniform finish on the surface of metal. The thickness of the coat depends on submersion time and all exposed surfaces, including tight corners, sharp edges, and the insides of tubes and pipes. Due to low curing temperatures, rubber bonded components are not affected. The coating process is typically seven stages or less and bacterial and fungal issues are non-existent.

Autodeposition System options:​​​


Because autodepostion does not require an electrical current, overall energy consumption is low. In addition, parts can be racked more densely without worrying about how coating will reach recessed areas. The liquid coats any ferrous surface that it touches.

Practical Application

Autodeposition has many practical applications and requires less floor space for your turnkey paint finishing system. It is capable of coating large amounts of complex, densely racked metal parts evenly. The coating is used on products like automotive seat tracks and drawer slides or metals in a plastic or rubber assembly.

Cost Effectiveness

Autodepostion does not require an electrical current and can cut down on energy consumption. In addition, autodepostion systems require less floor space and produce virtually no sludge. Because the autodeposition process uses a water-based paint system, there are very few heavy metals, making it environmentally friendly.

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