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About Therma-Tron-X (TTX®)
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Finishing System Components

Pretreatment Systems

TTX pretreatment systems can be fabricated using mild or stainless steel. Slotted roof designs protect conveyor components from moisture and chemical overspray and treated parts from dripping conveyor lubricant. Piping and nozzles are fitted with maintenance and quick disconnection in mind.


TTX is experienced at designing units that fit your spatial needs and utility requirements. TTX ovens can be easily incorporated into your finishing system or used as a stand alone oven. 

VOC Destruct

TTX is also experienced at designing units that are environmentally friendly. This system is designed to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the air. Not only does this environmentally friendly system help keep our air clean, but it also can work with many different TTX heating units.

Environmental Rooms

Therma-Tron-X’s environmental rooms are engineered to provide ideal powder paint application conditions. They include temperature, humidity and multilevel filtration control equipment that balances airflow, maintaining ideal humidity and temperature conditions.

Liquid Spray Booths

Therma-Tron-X designs and manufactures spray booths that fit your system requirements.  TTX spray booths provide the ideal paint application conditions that balance airflow and minimize overspray.

SlideRail Square Transfer ® (SST®)

SST® Cut Sheet

The SST™ coating system is unlike any other system in the finishing business. Not only does it significantly reduce the amount of floor space needed, it also allows increased load density

TTX SST®​ Systems Brochure (en español)

El sistema SST™ recubrimiento es diferente a cualquier otro sistema en el negocio de acabado. No sólo reducen significativamente la cantidad de espacio de suelo necesario, también permite aumentar la densidad de carga.

Material Handling: SST® and Programmed Hoist

This presentation segment regarding system design will focus on indexing and programmed hoist application systems. Advantages and disadvantages of each type of system will be discussed.

Square Transfer Finishing Systems

There is a wide variety of material handling equipment on which product can be moved through an automated finishing system.  Generally,  the material handling equipment may be broken down into two basic types: monorail and square transfer. 

Square Transfer Revisited

This presentation segment regarding system design will focus on indexing and programmed hoist application systems. Advantages and disadvantages of each type of system will be discussed.

Square Transfer vs Monorail Comparison

Midwest Products Finishing, Inc. is a custom coater located in Ottawa Lake, Michigan, which is in southeast Michigan near the Ohio state line.  Currently, we specialize in the electrocoating of components for the Automotive Industry, utilizing two different systems.


Our customers choose electrocoating because of its versatility and durability. Immersion ensures 100 percent coverage of complex parts, as well as uniform thickness with no runs or sags.


TTX monorail finishing systems feature multiple stage stainless steel washers, ovens designed to minimize heat loss and conveyor systems that utilize high efficiency drives.

Monorail (en espanol)

El diseño, fabricación e instalación de completa monorraíl sistemas para electrorrevestimiento, polvo y líquido capa de pintura ha sido durante mucho tiempo una especialidad de Therma-Tron-X.

Power and Free

Therma-Tron-X designs, builds and installs power and free conveyor systems of any size and complexity