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Your Best Finish Starts With Us!

TTX believes in developing partnerships with its customers. After your system is installed, we get you up and running smoothly, making adjustments to ensure that all system components will perform to it's highest capabilities. We also train your personnel, giving them the ability to better troubleshoot and maintain your equipment. We are available by phone or email, and if and when necessary, we will visit your plant to service your system hands on.

Maintenance and Inspection

If you want to get the most out of your finishing system, or any piece of that system, maintenance is hands down the most important thing you can do. However, in most situations, maintenance and inspection are overlooked and can end up costing your company a lot of money.

Predictive maintenance can help. TTX support staff are available onsite to help you get familiar with your system and set you up with a maintenance plan that works for you.  

Spare Parts Inventory

When running your system day after day it is important to have a spare parts inventory on hand. The spare parts list is a key factor in saving money and downtime when you need to do some minor repairs. 


With TTX, customer service representatives are heavily involved in the process of setting up spare parts lists, establishing schedules for ordering inventory as well as offering tips on part replacement and installment. TTX engineers can let customers know exactly what parts they need to keep on hand and what they can order through TTX directly.

Digital Tools and Communication

Before your system is up and running, the TTX customer service team is introduced to you. Customer service will work with you to build a spare parts list and stock your shelves with any parts you should be keeping on hand. The TTX customer service team is also available by phone or connecting by a secure VPN connection.

The TTX MAPP is a great tool available to you when purchasing a new system. The TTX MAPP offers system manuals, customer released drawings and schematics, maintenance checklist and a searchable spare parts list with automatic email generating capabilities to quickly order any needed parts. 

Quick On-site Service

For service that cannot be done over the phone, TTX's dedication to hands on service ensures that they will be on your plant floor as soon as possible to service your equipment. At times, TTX service technicians spend over half of the year on the road, visiting customers  in need. TTX's full service department is available to visit any customer in the United States using their own aircraft transportation, TTX Air for onsite support. 


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"Get the most out of your paint and powder coating line by taking advantage of a few resources that can not only optimize your systems but ensure max productivity from installation and long after."

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