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Laser Operator

Reports to: Manufacturing Manager

Position Summary:

This position will be primarily responsible for, but not limited to, the operations of the laser cutter and associated equipment.  The operator will be responsible for loading pre-nested and/or nesting parts in the software for the laser to process.  The operator will verify proper material use and be responsible for material allocation.  The operator shall ensure proper part identification is applied to all processed parts.  The operator will record parts that have been processed.  This position will communicate and work with other operators, as well as purchasing and engineering, to meet production goals.

General Responsibilities:

Laser Operator

  • Review Nest sheets to determine machine parameters and programming requirements.

  • Checks to prints to determine accuracy of part.

  • Set up machine parameters and power settings as appropriate for material type and thickness.

  • Load material into Tower and ensure information related to materials is updated accordingly.

  • Identify optimal material utilization including the use of drop and cut to size materials.

  • Preserve material traceability. Label all drop materials with PO and Heat number.

  • Use calipers, and tape measure to perform quality checks.

  • Perform inspections of in-process and completed work pieces to identify defects to assure good cut quality.

  • Keeps material neatly and safely stacked and organized. Perform cycle counts as requested.

  • Unload sheet and bar stock from trucks. Label material appropriately. Store material in specified locations.

  • Perform machine maintenance.

  • Maintain a safe, clean working environment.

Plasma Operator

  • Ability to proficiently read blueprints and verify dimensional requirements

  • Set up and operate the burn table to accurately cut different grades of material

  • Operate overhead crane to set product on table and remove product from table

  • Operate basic measuring equipment (tape measure or calipers)

  • Responsible for identifying material by grade and size and transferring PO#, material grade, job# and heat# on material after being cut.

  • Safe operation of material handling equipment (forklift & overhead crane)

  • Adhere to all safety, health and environmental procedures, policies and practices.

  • Troubleshoot equipment and make basic adjustments

  • Make general decisions as to quality, tolerances, and operation sequence

  • Follow all safety rules and practices

  • May be involved in safety committees or initiatives

  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Able to read and interpret blue prints

  • Previous machine operator experience preferred

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