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An important component of any complete wastewater treatment system, TTX Environmental clarifiers separate suspended solids from wastewater using density differences and gravity. Designed and manufactured using high-quality materials, our clarifiers are easy to maintain and are designed to last for decades. Intended to maximize settling performance, TTX Environmental inclined plate clarifiers take up less room and optimize settling ratios and vertical velocity for your industrial paint system.

General specifications:
10-180 gallons per minute (larger sizes available)
Stainless steel construction
Scratch resistant stainless steel plates
Integral flocculation chamber with mixer mount
Double outlets in cone bottom facilitate cleaning
Several alloys available
Maximum plate area realized in minimal footprint


Inclined plate clarifiers provide a large settling area for suspended solids in considerably less space than conventional circular clarifiers. TTX Environmental clarifiers also have double outlets at the bottom of the cone that make them easy to clean.

Practical Application

Utilizing economic design principles, TTX Environmental inclined plate clarifiers are made to handle a variety of process water and wastewater applications in a compact footprint. By optimizing retention time, vertical velocity and plate surface area, Our clarifiers facilitate the removal of blockages and require very little maintenance.

Cost Effectiveness

Because inclined plate clarifiers make use of the physical properties of your processed liquids, additional energy is not required to facilitate separation. High-quality construction and scratch resistant stainless steel plates ensure that your TTX Environmental clarifier will provide years of reliable, low-maintenance service.

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