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Every Therma-Tron-X conveyor system is custom designed for a specific application. TTX conveyors automate any finishing operation and seamlessly link a variety of processes. Conveyors can significantly reduce the amount of labor needed to move parts around a plant.

TTX designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of conveyors, including:
Enclosed track
Overhead power and free
Inverted power and free
Chain on edge
Power and gravity roller
Flat belt
Walking beam
Patented automatic transfer
Custom designed

TTX designs, fabricates, installs, and programs conveyor and can perform follow up service. Count on innovation, quality workmanship, and reliability with TTX!


TTX offers an array of conveyor options. Whether looking for steady, continuous flow through the process or a conveyor system that diverts products to different areas throughout a facility, TTX engineers design material handling methods to meet the customer’s needs. Whatever coating process and production rate, TTX conveyors will meet the specifications.

Practical Application

TTX conveyor systems can be integrated into electrocoating, powder coating, liquid spray-painting, cleaning, pretreatment, and heat-treating operations. TTX engineers consider versatility, productivity, and flexibility when examining process requirements, material handling needs and space. Their knowledge and expertise can be trusted when choosing a concept that will work best.

Cost Effectiveness

TTX conveyor systems are designed to reduce labor cost, increase efficiency, and are rugged: requiring minimal maintenance. They can be designed to fully automate a manufacturing process through the efficient transfer of products between manufacturing, finishing, final assembly, and shipping areas.

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