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Custom Combinations

Therma-Tron-X designs, fabricates and installs combination coating systems for original equipment manufacturers and contract coating businesses. Many of TTX’s clients are now opting for combination coating systems that offer the outstanding corrosion resistance and coverage provided by a powder or liquid top coat applied over an E-coat primer. Powder and liquid top coat technologies can provide the multicolor flexibility that many manufacturers require for their products.

TTX also coordinates the integration of environmental rooms that provide optimal conditions for powder application and storage. In addition, TTX Environmental offers complete wastewater treatment systems and reverse osmosis equipment that can be incorporated into your system to provide high quality tank makeup and rinse water.

TTX also builds individual components, including:
Material Handling
Pretreatment Systems
Environmental Rooms
Liquid Spray Booths
Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems
Reverse Osmosis Units
Iron Removal Units


TTX understands that coating requirements, space, cost, part size,part chemistry, production rate, manpower, industry standards and regulations are important factors when it comes to engineering the ideal finishing system. TTX engineers draw from experience and innovation to develop a system that meets unique requirements.

Practical Application

The sliderail square transfer®, programmed hoist,monorail, power and free and other types of conveyor systems can be integrated into complete systems. They can be configured to utilize both spray an immersion pretreatment stages, while combining E-coat and topcoat curing ovens to conserve both floor space and energy.

Cost Effectiveness

Because products do not need to be unloaded between priming and coating, combination systems cut down on manpower and increase productivity significantly. TTX excels at finding the best combinations of material handling, coating and wastewater treatment systems. A custom combination system may be the best solution for a clients coating requirements.

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