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Custom E-Coat Solutions

Rota-Coat E-coat System:
The revolutionary Rota-Coat electrocoating system is designed specifically for small production requirements and saves on operating costs and floor space by combining several stages of the finishing process into one circular movement. The Rota-Coat utilizes a round tank, separated into different pie-shaped sections. The product or part is lifted by the load bar and then lowered into each section sequentially. Pretreatment, painting and rinsing is all completed in a small, circular footprint. To save even more space, the Rota-Coat’s oven can be elevated and placed above the tank itself.​

Custom Small Container E-coat:
This system is designed for small parts, fasteners or screws. The thickness of the paint can be controlled and adjusted with electrocoating, making it a perfect choice for small parts like these that require a consistent coating with a durable long lasting finish. Parts are loaded into baskets either automatically or manually. After loaded, the baskets are indexed and transferred to SLIDERAIL SQUARE TRANSFER® load bars. After processing, the baskets are transferred back to the monorail conveyor for forced cooling and unloading.

Tilting SST®:
A variation on the popular TTX SLIDERAIL SQUARE TRANSFER®, the tilting SST® has the ability to dip and drain products at various angles, both side-to-side and front-to-back. Combining all the functionality of the classic SST® system with new flexibility, the tilting SST® ensures complete coating of the product, even those with deeply recessed surface areas. An integrated PLC system, allows system users to choose a variety of tilting options, making it even easier to achieve the coating you desire.

Bulk E-coat:
Complex small parts are well suited for bulk processing. High density throughput allows the customer to get more done in the process time that is needed, minimizing labor and handling needs. Barrel coating minimizes touch marks while still providing the uniform, durable finish that is required.

Large and Heavy Parts:
The TTX SLIDERAIL SQUARE TRANSFER® system is readily adaptable for handling very large and/or very heavy parts. TTX has designed SST®'s to handle loads up to 12,000 pounds and lengths up to 40’. Electrocoating has long been recognized as an excellent way to apply a high-quality primer or finish coat on metal parts, even very large ones. It can be applied in a thin and uniform film with penetration into recesses and excellent corrosion resistance. Material utilization is very high because there is no over spray, and the process generates minimal amounts of VOCs.


TTX customers choose electrocoating because of its versatility and durability. Immersion ensures 100 percent coverage of complex parts, as well as uniform coating thickness with no runs or sags. This in turn ensures superior corrosion protection. Consistent, controlled application nearly eliminates the need for manual touch-ups.

Practical Application

Due to its ability to coat complex parts, electrocoating is used to coat a variety of products, like automotive under-body components, transformers, metal office furniture, military primer, fixtures and marine components. The TTX SLIDERAIL SQUARE TRANSFER™’s adaptability allows those who need electrocoating for their part to use it effectively. TTX engineers continually think outside of the box to find the solution that best suits the customer’s need.

Cost Effectiveness

Electrocoating is the most economical way to paint high volume parts. Electrocoating utilizes 95-99 percent of the coating, with very low VOCs, making it a “green” technology. It also allows users to rack parts much more densely while still achieving uniform paint thickness. Adaptations of the TTX SST® allow for material handling solutions that decrease the footprint of the coating system and streamline production.

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