Not only does the Econ-E-Coat fit into a small space, its compact shipping size makes it easy to relocate. The Econ-E-Coat system comes complete with all the necessary components and is easy to install. In addition, design flexibility allows TTX to modify the Econ-E-Coat to suit the customers exact process requirements.


Introduced in 1990, the Therma-Tron-X Econ-E-Coat® system offers high density throughput and has similar features to the TTX SLIDERAIL SQUARE TRANSFER®  system, but in a smaller work envelope. Specifically designed to be portable, the modular unit can be relocated easily. The Econ-E-Coat® system provides the same high quality and durability as the SST®, with many having accumulated more than 100,000 hours of operation.   

Features and specifications:

  • Shipping size: semi-trailer/ocean container

  • Indexing monorail carousel load/unload conveyor loop

  • Automatic transfer from load/unload stations

  • Automated SST® material handling system

  • Coating capacity: 50-150 square feet per load, up to 3,000 square feet per hour, 6 million square feet per year per shift    

  • Multi-stage phosphate or conversion coating pretreatment system 

  • Immersion  anodic or cathodic E-coat paint application with ultra-filtration, temperature control and rectifier 

  • Automatic paint feed based on square feet of surface processed 

  • 3 stage recirculated immersion post rinse 

  • Glass-enclosed pretreatment, E-coat and post rinse section provides improved safety and better plant environment

  • Bottom entry/exit dehydration/cure oven is mounted above the tank section 

  • Forced-air cooling tunnel 

  • Integrated utility area for hydraulic unit 

  • PLC controlled with color HMI touch screen. 

Available support equipment can include:

  • Batch or continuous-flow wastewater treatment system

  • Reverse osmosis water generation unit 

  • Automatic chemical feed for the pretreatment section 

  • Process data managment system


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