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Environmental Rooms

Therma-Tron-X’s environmental rooms are engineered to provide ideal powder paint application conditions. They include temperature, humidity and multilevel filtration control equipment that balances airflow, maintaining ideal humidity and temperature conditions. TTX environmental rooms are built of insulated, FM approved panels.

Available Features:
Temperature controlled
Humidity controlled
Multilevel filtration
Balanced airflow
Heavy steel framework
Aluminum skinned
FM approved panels
High performance lighting
Custom designed
Glass wall construction
High visibility showcase for your product

TTX environmental rooms can create the highly visible showcase, with glass wall construction, that the product deserves.


TTX environmental rooms are constructed using aluminum skinned foam paneling and are supported by a heavy steel framework, which also carries the conveyor through your powder coating equipment. A unique air distribution plenum is easily adjustable for circulated air uniformity and high performance light fixtures make coated part inspection easy. TTX environmental rooms are easily interfaced with your new or existing finishing systems.

Practical Application

Environmental rooms enhance the performance of powder coating operations by providing optimal conditions for powder application and storage. TTX environmental rooms are custom designed, manufactured and installed to utilize space and ease of access.

Cost Effectiveness

TTX environmental rooms help prevent paint overspray and aid reclamation. By providing an optimal controlled environment, powder waste is minimized and the product is coated more efficiently and effectively.

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