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Filter Presses

Built to last, TTX Environmental filter presses dewater sludge to minimize its volume. Utilizing a corrosion resistant, robust design, TTX filter presses handle the toughest separation jobs under the most difficult conditions for your wastwater treatment system.

General specifications:
Epoxy-coated steel construction
Tough, non-corrosive polypropylene plates
Plate shifter for ease of use
Automatic pressure controls
Hydraulically closed
Blow-down reduces mess and dries sludge
Many cloth options available with various pore sizes
Robust design conducive to long-lasting years of operation
No electrical connection required
Optional plate opener


TTX Environmental filter presses feature a welded steel frame. The legs can be extended to facilitate sludge hopper removal and the press comes equipped with manual or air-driven hydraulic closure mechanisms that are available in both standard and engineered sizes.

Practical Application

TTX Environmental filter presses separate and dewater waste sludge, using a variety of filter cloths for different applications. To maximize solids content, the air blow-down manifold purges chambers of excess filtrate and partially dries the cake for easy removal. Depending on water retention, the concentration of solids in the final filter cake may range from 20 percent to 40 percent.

Cost Effectiveness

The TTX Environmental filter press minimizes costs by dewatering sludge extracted from clarifiers. The filter press uses no electricity and utilizes minimal manpower, making it a highly efficient machine that requires little maintenance.

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