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Liquid Spray Booths

Therma-Tron-X designs and manufactures spray booths to fit system requirements. TTX spray booths provide the ideal paint application conditions with balanced airflow to minimize overspray. They are built of 18 gauge galvanized steel panels and have a heavy duty steel framework designed to meet or exceed FM, OSHA and NFPA 30 standards. Whatever material handling needs a customer has, TTX booths are designed to be fully integrated into the system. Some of the listed features are: recirculated air systems, side-draft, cross -draft or down-draft air flow, multi-level filtration, powered man-lifts, conservative air flow, high efficiency dry filter or water wash filtration, high intensity lighting, paint sludge separation, and more.

Available Features:
Recirculated air systems
Side-draft, cross-draft, down-draft or multi-level air flow
3-axis air-powered man-lifts
Conservative air flow
High efficiency water-wash
Dry filter
High density lighting
Designed for robotic use
Combination spray and cure
VFD controled fan and air flow control


The biggest advantage to having TTX in partnership with you is that we are able to innovatively create products that are designed to your specifications. Spray booths are a function of a finishing system that when designed and fabricated by Therma-Tron-X are of the utmost quality, uniquely efficient, cost effective and exceed your needs.

Practical Application

Whether you need a booth that is designed for complete automation or manual application, TTX spray booths offer the highest quality features. Our engineers evaluate your specifications and design equipment that best suits your production rate, space, airflow requirements and material handling needs. Our liquid spray booths are open-faced, enclosed, multilevel, large equipment or small part sized; custom designed per your specifications.

Cost Effectiveness

High efficiency water-wash booths capture the paint particles with more than 99% effectiveness. Recirculating air systems, automatic VFD’s, and LEL (lower explosive limit) monitoring dramatically reduce cost by minimizing capital and operating expenses. The crew of experts at Therma-Tron-X will work with you to create the most cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly booth possible.

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