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TTX Environmental process mixers boast a no nonsense design that ensures reliable operation. While most process mixers in the industry are complicated pieces of machinery that require maintenance, TTX’s are simple and can be repaired using easily obtainable components.

General specifications:
Belt-driven for simple maintenance
No gearbox failures or oil changes
Heavy-duty construction
Wetted parts are 316 stainless steel
Body design allows angled or vertical mount
Custom-specified to match the vessels and agitation requirements
Floor mounted mixer bases available
Whisper quiet operation


Because they have no gearbox, TTX Environmental process mixers run quietly and have a long life expectancy. The only parts that show signs of wear are the belts that can be easily replaced.

Practical Application

TTX Environmental mixers are used to blend process chemistry and keep suspended wastewater solids in motion. They provide as much agitation as pump based agitators, using less horsepower and energy. TTX Environmental mixers can also replace pumps in pretreatment immersion tanks that are in a SlideRail Square Transfer® system.

Cost Effectiveness

Because process mixers use less energy than pumps, they can be used to agitate liquids in a variety of applications, reducing energy costs and lowering the initial cost of the total system. In addition, the heavy duty construction and high quality components used in TTX Environmental process mixers ensure years of worry free use.

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