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Therma-Tron-X has been designing and building monorail finishing systems and components since its inception. Monorail systems carry parts through the paint application process on a continuous moving chain. TTX monorail electrocoating systems feature a unique immersion tank design that enhances paint circulation and helps prevent agglomeration, settling, and foaming.

TTX monorail finishing systems feature multiple stage stainless steel washers, ovens designed to minimize heat loss and conveyor systems that utilize high efficiency drives. In addition, climate controlled environmental rooms provide optimal air-flow for stable application conditions. TTX can also supply combination monorail systems that apply a powder or liquid topcoat over an E-coat primer.

Durable stainless steel washers
Bottom entry ovens
Environmental rooms that provide optimal airflow
Conveyor systems with high efficiency drives
Wastewater treatment equipment


TTX monorail systems can utilize spray and immersion technologies. Immersion tank design eliminates dead spots, minimizes surface disturbance, and allows for complete tank drainage. This makes the tanks easier to clean and maintain.

Practical Application

TTX monorails are utilized for powder systems, fluidized bed dip systems, E-coat systems, liquid paint systems, and other custom combination systems. Monorails are ideal for high production solutions and can be designed for varying line speeds.

Cost Effectiveness

TTX engineers are ready to work with potential customers’, evaluating plant space, part configuration, coating requirements and throughput capacities before recommending the custom equipment and layout that best suit the needs and budget.

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