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Batch ovens, conveyorized ovens, infrared zones, convection curing ovens, dry-off ovens and various custom heat processing solutions are at the heart of Therma-Tron-X’s capabilities. TTX is experienced at designing units that fit spatial needs and utility requirements. TTX ovens can be incorporated into finishing systems or configured as stand alone units.

TTX makes a variety of specialized heating units:
Baking and dehydration ovens
Porcelain enameling ovens
Non-stick surfacing ovens
Multi-zoned ovens
Both direct and indirect heat input
Special use ovens
Aluminum aging ovens
Coil potting equipment
Palletizing shrink wrap ovens

TTX oven heat processing technologies include aging, annealing, baking, curing, drawing, normalizing, and preheating.
Available Features:
Automatic exhaust ratios based on production rate
Minimized heat loss with proprietary slot-rail panel design
Air velocity control
VFD recirculation blower controls
Low horsepower propeller fans for increased air flow
Interior and exterior ovens
Purge Fans

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At TTX, our ovens feature aluminized steel interiors and exteriors with blowers, fans and ductwork sized for optimal air circulation. Benefits of TTX oven systems include: elevated platforms, special material handling systems, clean features for Class A finishes, even air distribution, recirculation, air filtration, fast ramp-up, quick purge, low energy requirements and heat recovery and reuse.

Practical Application

Most industrial coating processes require some application of heat. TTX heating systems can utilize electric, oil, steam, gas heat sources and are available in conveyorized and batch designs. From pots and pans to automotive bodies, TTX ovens can be designed to handle any product.

Cost Effectiveness

Therma-Tron-X’s ovens are designed for more efficient use of floor space. Our ovens utilize variable frequency blower drive systems in order to save energy and lower costs. Unique panel design minimizes heat transfer to the skins of the oven exterior, reducing heat loss and energy usage.

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