At TTX, our ovens feature aluminized steel interiors and exteriors with blowers, fans and ductwork sized for optimal air circulation. Benefits of TTX oven systems include: elevated platforms, special material handling systems, clean features for Class A finishes, even air distribution, recirculation, air filtration, fast ramp-up, quick purge, low energy requirements and heat recovery and reuse.

Batch ovens, conveyorized ovens, infrared zones, convection curing ovens, dry-off ovens and various custom heat processing solutions are at the heart of Therma-Tron-X’s capabilities. TTX is experienced at designing units that fit spatial needs and utility requirements. TTX ovens can be incorporated into finishing systems or configured as stand alone units.


TTX makes a variety of specialized heating units:

  • Baking and dehydration ovens

  • Porcelain enameling ovens

  • Non-stick surfacing ovens

  • Multi-zoned ovens

  • Both direct and indirect heat input

  • Special use ovens

    • Aluminum aging ovens

    • Coil potting equipment

    • Palletizing shrink wrap ovens


TTX oven heat processing technologies include aging, annealing, baking, curing, drawing, normalizing, and preheating.


Available Features:

  • Automatic exhaust ratios based on production rate

  • Minimized heat loss with proprietary slot-rail panel design

  • Air velocity control  

  • VFD recirculation blower controls

  • Low horsepower propeller fans for increased air flow

  • Interior and exterior ovens

  • Purge Fans


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