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Pretreatment Systems


At Therma-Tron-X, multi-stage pretreatment equipment is engineered to prepare a product’s surface for painting, plating or other industrial finishing processes. Using spray, immersion or combination pretreatment methods, dirt, oils and contaminants are removed from the product’s surface and phosphate or conversion coatings are applied to help prevent corrosion and increase paint adhesion. Working with chemical and paint suppliers, TTX engineers analyze the requirements before developing equipment that can be incorporated into the overall finishing system.

Available Features:
Mild or stainless steel construction
Spray or immersion or combined designs
Double-welded tanks
Slotted top construction
Bag filtration
Iron removal system
Class A quality design
Insulated tanks
Automatic chemical feed system
Zero discharge system design available
Water conservation
High efficiency heating systems (gas, steam and hot water)
Quick-disconnect risers and nozzles
Continuous and batch cabinet designs
Spiral flow movement in immersion tanks
Zinc sludge removal system
Preassembled and shop tested
Oil coalescing separator
pH and conductivity meters
VFD contol of spray pressure


TTX pretreatment systems can be fabricated using mild or stainless steel. Slotted roof designs protect conveyor lubricant from contaminating parts. Piping and nozzles are fitted with quick disconnects to allow for easier maintenance. In the design phase, TTX engineers evaluate your system and standardize components, reducing spare parts requirements and streamlining upkeep.

Practical Application

Thorough cleaning and conditioning are crucial aspects of any finishing operation, and inadequate preparation will result in paint peeling, blistering or flaking. Depending on the quality of the finish required, parts may utilize multiple pretreatment stages. Circulation in tanks is accomplished through TTX mixers. Spiral flow and high impingement is maintained through correct placement of eductor nozzles.

Cost Effectiveness

TTX pretreatment systems are PLC controlled, have automatic startup and shut down programs and are designed with computer aided rinse ratios allowing you to reduce water usage and in some cases creating a zero discharge system. Coupled with complete water conditioning and wastewater treatment from our subsidiary, TTX Environmental, your TTX pretreatment system will produce consistently cleaner parts, combining lower operational costs with lower levels of generated waste. In stages requiring no filtration, mixers can be used instead of pumps, greatly reducing energy consumption.

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