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Programmable Hoist

Therma-Tron-X programmed hoists are custom designed for high up-time performance and built to serve a wide variety of industrial finishing system processes. They can be integrated with multiple styles of conveyor systems. TTX hoists are designed to handle the heaviest workloads and are fabricated, programmed and tested before shipment.

TTX hoists are equipped with low maintenance, reliable components. To sustain a clean plant environment, process tanks are typically enclosed, venting vapors and odors to the atmosphere. Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) monitor hoist systems and make sure all operations meet exact specifications.

TTX can also provide custom designed bulk, rack and barrel systems for various bulk coating applications. Bulk loading and unloading equipment is also available.

Service Capabilities:
Bulk, rack or barrel electrocoating
Dip coating
Conversion coating
Parts cleaning

Available Features:
Wireless control
Absolute digital positioning
No Festoons
Laser tracking
Tilting and rotation capabilities
In house programming and support
Diagnostic services via VPN


TTX programmed hoists are designed with the process requirements in mind. Heavy-duty construction, long-lasting performance, digital locating system and full automation make TTX hoists hard to beat. Dependable PLCs with human machine interfaces (HMIs) make it easy to monitor every aspect of a system. In addition, hoists can connect with other plant processes to streamline production. Programmed hoists can be designed for automated storage and retrieval systems where there are high volume loads and densely racked parts.

Practical Application

Variable speed lift and travel hoists from TTX are equipped to handle the heaviest workloads. Programmed hoist systems are ideal for applications involving large parts and low volumes or for products that require a variety of process times.

Cost Effectiveness

TTX is an industry leader in surface finishing systems that conserve energy. TTX programmers and engineers are committed to innovation. Programmed hoist systems are designed to maximize productivity, minimize waste and reduce labor costs.

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