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TTX Environmental iron removal units not only remove dissolved metals from the pickling solution, but also simultaneously restore acid content to the proper operational concentration. Acid recovery systems are no longer considered an optional or peripheral system and TTX iron removal units can represent a tremendous cost saving for a customer’s operation. Using the ion exchange process to remove build-ups of dissolved iron caused by steel pickling in your wastewater treatment system, TTX Environmental iron removal systems allow the acid to be reused indefinitely. 


  • Simplex, duplex or triplex systems 

  • Can be used with citric or phosphoric acids 

  • Skid mounted for easy installation


Configured to meet your production needs, simplex, duplex and triplex systems can come with skid-mounted pre-filters and supply pumps that meet your plant’s pre-filtration requirements. A good return on your investment, TTX Environmental iron removal systems reduce raw material costs, waste disposal costs and storage requirements.

Practical Application

TTX Environmental builds pickle acid recycling systems for use with sulfuric, citric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acids.

Cost Effectiveness

By recycling your pickle bath, you save money and avoid maintenance costs. You may never have to dump your acid again. Acid recovery minimizes your company’s waste disposal costs, reducing waste volume by as much as 95 percent.

Iron Removal Units

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