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TTX Environmental manufactures industrial reverse osmosis (RO) units for virtually any application, either commercial or industrial. Industrial reverse osmosis units can be used to provide exceptionally clean water for critical manufacturing procedures and require minimal operator oversight. RO is used to remove dissolved solids and contaminants from water by applying pressure to move water through a semi-permeable membrane.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is one water treatment technique that has proven itself as a means of not only maintaining water quality but also as a way to reclaim valuable process chemicals and reduce freshwater usage.

Systems can be configured to treat and recycle wastewater generated by:

  • Metal finishing and plating operations

  • Circuit board and semiconductor manufacturing

  • Automotive manufacturing

  • Food and beverage production

  • Groundwater and landfill leachate processes

Commercial specifications:

  • Available outputs: 3,000, 5,000, 7,000 gallons per day

  • Ultra high-efficiency membrane technology allows super low horsepower pump

  • No water softener required

  • No floor mounted carbon filter required - cartridge based carbon filters treat up to 70,000 gallons each

  • Simple installation; 115 volt electrical service

  • Durable powder coated steel70% water recovery

Industrial specifications:

  • Available outputs: 10-1,000 gallons per minute

  • Fully automated to minimize operational costs

  • Variable frequency drive for high pressure pumpSingle pass or multi-pass systems available

  • Stainless steel high pressure plumbing

  • Schedule 80 PVC low pressure plumbing

  • Clean-in-place equipment for long lasting performanceStainless steel skids

  • Fiberglass housingsHolding tank with stainless steel repressurization pump

  • 70% water recoveryUV light available


TTX Environmental reverse osmosis units generate pure water for use in nearly every process and have the ability to separate dissolved solids from water. Commercial reverse osmosis systems can be installed nearly anywhere due to their small footprint and 115V, 20 amp power requirement. Industrial units prevent scaling when used as a medium in heat exchange functions, automatically compensate for temperature and integrate a chemical feed system for antiscalant and chlorine reduction. Commercial units are rated at 77 F and in industrial units are rated at 45 F. All TTX Environmental reverse osmosis units require minimal operator oversight.

Practical Application

Reverse osmosis units are designed to efficiently and inexpensively remove dissolved solids and contaminants from water used in commercial and industrial applications. Commercial reverse osmosis units are used in a variety of settings: the service and hospitality industry, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, chemical fields, and agricultural fields. Industrial reverse osmosis units treat and recycle wastewater generated by metal finishing and plating operations, circuit board and semiconductor manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, food and beverage production, and groundwater and landfill leachate processes.

Cost Effectiveness

TTX Environmental industrial reverse osmosis systems provide savings to industrial companies and smaller businesses that utilize large volumes of water. Not only do reverse osmosis units reduce water and sewer costs, they require minimal manpower to operate.

Reverse Osmosis

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