“I am certain when we need a fifth electrocoat machine we will again explore all the alternatives. However, I doubt we will find a better value than purchasing another new SST from Therma-Tron-X, Inc.”
Tom Reifel, President Reifel Industries, Inc.

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Paint Finishing Systems

Therma-Tron-X is a leading original equipment manufacture of paint finishing equipment. Whether a complete paint shop system or equipment that can be integrated into an existing system, TTX will find the solution focusing on productivity, quality, cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness. TTX links system components creating an overall material flow that reduces labor and production cost and increases your productivity rates. The advantage of a TTX finishing system is a COMPLETE solution from pretreatment to coating to curing to wastewater treatment.

At Therma-Tron-X, multi-stage pretreatment equipment is engineered to prepare a product's surface for painting, plating or other industrial finishing processes. Custom heat processing solutions are at the heart of their capabilities. TTX is  experienced at designing units that fit the customer's spatial needs and utility requirements. TTX’s environmental rooms are engineered to provide ideal powder paint application conditions. They include temperature, humidity and multilevel filtration control equipment that balance airflow, maintaining ideal humidity and temperature conditions. TTX spray booths provide the ideal paint application conditions that balance airflow and minimize overspray. Whatever the material handling considerations, TTX's components are designed to be fully integrated into the system.

TTX’s SLIDERAIL SQUARE TRANSFER® (SST®) material handling system performs high volume finishing operations using a fraction of the space required by traditional monorail systems. Parts index along a pair of low-maintenance slide rails. TTX Econ-E-Coat® systems offer high density throughput and have similar features as our SST® systems but in a smaller work envelope. Specifically designed to be portable, the modular unit can be relocated easily. TTX designs, builds and installs power and free conveyor systems of any size and complexity. A power and free conveyor fully automates your manufacturing process and efficiently transfers product between manufacturing, finishing and final assembly/shipping areas. TTX's programmable hoists are custom designed for high up-time performance and built to serve a wide variety of industrial finishing processes.  TTX hoists are designed to handle the heaviest workloads and are fabricated, programmed and tested before shipment. Therma-Tron-X has been designing and building monorail finishing systems and components since their inception in 1969. Monorail systems carry parts through the paint application process on a continuous moving chain. Every Therma-Tron-X conveyor system is custom designed for a specific application. They automate any finishing operation and seamlessly link a variety of processes.

Therma-Tron-X designs, fabricates and installs combination-coating systems for original equipment manufacturers and contract coating businesses. Many clients opt for combination coating systems that offer the outstanding corrosion resistance and coverage provided by a powder or liquid top coat applied over an E-coat primer. Powder and liquid top-coat technologies can provide the multicolor flexibility that many manufacturers require for their products.


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