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2020 New Addition

Update 6/11/2020

A lot has been done since our last update. The structure of the building is complete and now we are getting everything filled in on the inside. Our paint system is being built and the shelving units along the wall were finished and filled up!

Update 4/17/2020

The roof has been installed, the floor has been laid and the heat turned on in the new addition. It sure is coming along nicely!

Update 2/7/2020

We have walls! The new addition is coming along very nicely. If you drive past TTX you'll see that the walls have come up and the new addition is starting to blend in with the current building.


In late 2019 TTX broke ground on their newest, and largest, expansion. A 38,620 ft2 addition will be completed by May 1st of 2020. This new addition will primarily be used for steel unloading and storage as well as housing a new TTX paint system. This new paint line will be a Downdraft Liquid Spray Booth utilizing our new material handling system, the TTX ACC® - Automated Conveyor Carrier system. Stay tuned for more information on the TTX ACC® later this year!

This new addition is being built on the north east side the building and runs right along the Ahnapee State Trail, so if you find yourself on the trail, walk on by and take a look at this exciting new adventure for TTX!


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