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From Blueprint to Skyline: Building the Church Dome

Sometimes in life you have the opportunity to do things that are extremely rewarding. My grandfather came to me and said our church, Ss. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Institute, whose school I attended and graduated 8th grade from, was looking to replace the dome. The church wanted to replace the existing fiberglass silo roof with a stainless-steel dome that resembled the Church’s original copper dome. So, with nothing more than a photo copy of the original church dome off the cover of the 1959 church directory, I drew up sketches and brought them to Chad Andreae to see if this was a project TTX wanted to participate in. The response was, absolutely, and also that TTX would donate a portion of the project. After some fine tuning, the church gave the green light, and we started work. A former Ss. Peter & Paul School graduate and former TTX employee volunteered his time to model the dome and create the final drawings for production. It was simply amazing to see the genuine interest and hear the buzz that was generated around this project within the walls of TTX. It was a stark contrast to the paint systems they were used to building, but more than that, it was an opportunity to build something that will be a part of the community far longer than we will all be here. The premier craftsmanship of the TTX employees shined bright as they built a masterpiece.

Transportation of the dome to the church was provided by a member of the church and his business. Another local business graciously donated the installation of the dome.

TTX’s mission is “to be a family that demonstrates extraordinary passion, hard work, and integrity with steadfast loyalty and support for those we serve: our employees, our communities, and our customers.” The dome project for Ss. Peter & Paul Church was the epitome of TTX’s mission. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of a company who truly practices what they preach!

-Darin Ploor

Pictures and Video by Demi and Darin Ploor



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