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Fun Fact!

Have you ever wondered what TTX makes in their sprawling, ever-morphing building?

For the most part, we build paint finishing systems for customers through-out North America. The systems are often much larger than what would fit in our facility, so we fabricate them as complete as we can in house, and then ship the system out to the job site and assemble the rest in the field. We fabricate approximately 90% of what we build in house. Most of the equipment that TTX manufactures is fabricated of mild and stainless steel.

In 2019, TTX purchased 6.2 million pounds of steel. That’s nearly 8,500 top-bottom refrigerator-freezer (around 79 pounds of steel goes into a top-bottom refrigerator-freezer)*, 75,000 front loading washing machines (around 84 pounds of steel goes into a front-loading washing machine)*, or 3,100 cars (if on average, 2,000 pounds of steel goes into making a car)**.



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