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Spotlight on Charlie Savage

This month we want to celebrate Charlie Savage. Charlie has been working at Therma-Tron-X, Inc. for 39 years. He was hired as an electrician and worked primarily on the road for over 30 years. At one point he was on the road for 11 months and 6 weeks! After working on the road for so many years, he moved into maintenance. Today you will find him helping immensely with the sanitizing and disinfecting efforts at TTX, helping to protect our employees during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of Charlie’s favorite things about working at TTX is getting harassed every day by Mr. Slacker himself, Brad Andreae. On Charlie’s very first day a gentleman came up to him and asked, “Can I help you?”. Charlie said, “I work here!”. The gentleman said, “Hi, I’m Brad Andreae”.

When asking Charlie “what is something that might surprise us about you?”, he responded with, “I don’t like guns!”. But if you know Charlie, you know that that is far from the truth! Charlie has his conceal and carry license and has a definite love for shooting at the range.

“When Charlie first started shooting, he waws a lousy shot, he would always overshoot his pistols and would complain of a sore thumb from loading magazines. We didn’t say anything to him and would always give him a hard time. Little did he know, his pistol came with a speed loader!” says Brad Andreae. Since Charlie loves shooting so much and buys a lot of guns, he would go to raffles at Ducks Unlimited with Brad often. Onetime Charlie threw his stub on the counter because he thought he had lost. The worker came by and picked it up. It turned out that he actually had won!

Charlie has been married to Lisa Marie for 44 years. “His devotion and love for his wife, Lisa, is evident in his actions and words throughout his day”, says Amy Barnard. Together, Charlie and Lisa have 3 children, 2 grandchildren and a lab named Daisy. In his free time, you can find Charlie spending time with family, in his shop, fishing or shooting guns.

Barnard adds, “When I think about Charlie, the first thing that comes to mind is that I have known him for forever. First as a family friend, then through him working here with Grandpa Otto and Dad, and now as a coworker. Charlie and I have a great time working on all sorts of various projects together and we make a great team. From pulling cable, to installing gateways, to finding the cut wire in the speaker system. You never can quite tell what the next thing we may be working on will be. But it will always be fun and full of positive, even when the insulation in the ceiling is falling down all around us.”

Charlie is extremely hardworking and loyal; he cares about people. He is always willing to lend a hand, a ride home or help others. “He anticipates what a person needs and will remember that need in future projects... like the fact that I always forget a sharpie or electrical tape... or even a flashlight. He has no tolerance for slacking or half-done work”, says Amy.

Charlie has worked tirelessly throughout the Covid situation to ensure that every employee at TTX, and on the road, has the supplies readily available for cleaning. “He appreciates everyone, and the skill sets that they bring to their jobs when done well. No caste system here!” Barnard adds.

Charlie Savage is a true TTX cheerleader and an employee worth the spotlight!

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