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Therma-Tron-X Improves a Paint System with a Unique Request

Helping customers replace system components is business as usual at Therma-Tron-X. Working with a client to replace a component that was installed over 30 years ago with newly fabricated equipment built above it and a very short lead time can be a different story. A client approached us because they had increased quality demands from their customers, which required them to improve their process. Although the current system was functional it needed improvements to provide more consistent outcomes on finished goods. An updated system had to be designed that was more efficient, required less maintenance, provided much improved uptime, lowered operational cost and minimized reject rates.

Our client’s equipment was outdated and so was the infrastructure, which added to the complexity of integrating the new and old systems. With a shortened lead time, careful consideration was needed to determine how the equipment could be transported into place. Many facets of the plant layout had changed since the original installation. As a result, the new component had to be fabricated in a way that would allow it to be transported through the plant without moving a lot of equipment, yet in the least amount of sections for installation. When solving this problem, a lot of thought went into planning the schedule for the project. This included preparing a team of experienced personnel from both companies to collaborate and accomplish the task in the required timeframe. There were several site visits with the company and team meetings to ensure success in all areas of the project. At the end of this process we were able to provide the customer with three options that weighed varying outcomes, along with pros and cons for each. After contrasting downtime and cost with gained efficiencies and meeting customer needs, the team was able to brainstorm collectively and agree on a solution. When diving into projects like this one, you must combine experience with innovation (and sometimes imagination) for a successful outcome. It’s also critical to have a reliable consultative sales process in place to uncover all our clients’ needs and recommend the best solutions possible. Therma-Tron-X is lucky to have skilled sales engineers such as Bill Oney out in the field providing these types of solutions to our clients every day. “It begins with actively listening to the customer and insuring I fully understand their process and needs,” says Oney. “Then I work to recommend solutions that will improve their overall process and exceed their expectations.” Oney says that he enjoys the lifelong relationships he’s built working in the finishing industry. “To be successful in this line of work you have to network and align yourself with experts in the field.” If you have unique challenges in your finishing line and you need an experienced team to solve those challenges, Therma-Tron-X is the answer. 920-743-6568

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