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St. John Bosco 4K Class Visits TTX

A few of our employees had the privilege of teaching the 4k class about how Therma-Tron-X works . The students learned about what our engineers, designers, drafters and welders do every day to keep TTX running.

We set the students up in our conference room where they attended a brainstorming meeting. They were given a work sheet where they had to solve this problem: how do we paint 260 Easter Eggs in an hour? Their solutions included fork lifts, conveyor belts and baskets for dipping the eggs into the paint. The kids are very smart and came up with such clever ideas.

Mr. Andreae, the owner of TTX, joined the meeting for a little while where he talked about his invention, the SlideRail Square Transfer System® (SST®), that is capable of painting 260+ eggs in an hour. From the look on the kids faces, we think they had a great time seeing plans and designs change from a drawing on paper to a real-life system being built in the shop.

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