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Autodeposition | Coating Technologies

Paint coatings provide protection, durability, a decorative finish, and add value to your product. Cutting edge coating technology advancements improve products by adding to their longevity and performance, lowering hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds, and increasing the cost efficiency and sustainability for coaters.

Therma-Tron-X, Inc. designs and manufactures turnkey paint finishing systems for industrial clients. TTX provides solutions for your unique material flow through the coating process. Their innovative engineers work with paint and chemical suppliers in the science and application of advanced surface treatments and finishing.

Therma-Tron-X employs the latest in technology, design, and construction to incorporate autodeposition technology into many different material-handling systems. Each product is precisely engineered to best meet your operational requirements.

Let's Talk autodeposition!

Autodeposition is a water-based, immersion technology that uses chemical reactions to achieve a high quality, uniform finish on the surface of metal. The thickness of the coat depends on submersion time and all exposed surfaces, including tight corners, sharp edges, and the insides of tubes and pipes. Due to low curing temperatures, rubber bonded components are not affected, so coating of just the metal portion of metal-plastic or metal-rubber products is possible.

What are the advantages of


• Autodeposition does not require an electrical current. Therefore, any metal surface the liquid touches will be coated. In addition, parts can be racked more densely without worrying about how coating will reach recessed areas. The liquid coats any ferrous surface it touches.

• Because autodeposition is a water-based paint and there are very few heavy metals and VOCs, it is a very environmentally friendly option.

• Autodeposition requires less floor space for your turnkey paint finishing system and is capable of coating large amounts of complex, densely racked metal parts evenly.

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