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Stories from Friends of TTX

We asked our social media followers to tell us stories about how TTX has impacted their lives,

and the lives of their families. We were very happy to read these stories and hear just how much of an impact TTX has on our employees, their families and our community.


Molly - TTX has impacted my life significantly by employing me, members of my family and people in my community! My mom started working at TTX when I was just 9 years old. I remember going to the big summer picnics and playing with other kids and eating grilled sweet corn. It felt like a big family. As a college student, I interned over the summer months at TTX which gave me valuable experience for my resume. My mom is now a retiree of TTX and several of my aunts, uncles and cousins work there. I have seen the great economic impact that this company has had on our community and have been able to witness the tremendous growth they have experienced. TTX is an example of a family owned business that has survived through all sorts of economic cycles, all while looking out for the best interests of the people they employ.

Amy - TTX brought us to beautiful Sturgeon Bay from the Fox Valley three years ago. TTX has provided my husband with meaningful and rewarding work. His skills and dedication are appreciated, his family is valued, and his manager and co-workers are amazing. This is a company that truly cares for its employees and we are blessed to be part of it!

Sam - The fantastic family picnic in the summer is such a wonderful and fun family event! The holiday party for the employees is a wonderful adult night with the fun music, drinks and food! Always doing such great things for the employees and families! My husband couldn’t work and be part of a better company!

Stacey - Thanks to TTX we have had an amazing place to live and raise our three children ❤️. We also have made awesome friends and enjoy all the employee events that TTX provides. I especially enjoy the TTX Christmas party❤️💃 Tony has been at TTX for 25 years this year

Michelle - TTX a company that truly cares about their employees and their families. It amazes me when my husband tells me about how owners are in the shop watching production and are seen just about every day.

Falon - Thanks to TTX, I was able to fly to Kentucky to see my husband (currently employed, who was working down there at the time) free of charge! Who flies families of employees on private planes for no charge?! ❤ Truly a wonderful company to be a part of!

Kimberly - My son works there and has learned so much! To be in such a supportive, family-oriented company- we are so proud of him!

Angie - I worked for TTX for 14 years... I’ve been gone for 12 years but still keep in contact with some of the great people I met there.

David - Thanks to TTX employment and the overtime we built the weekend getaway (the cabin)

Barbara - My daughter works there and tells me all the time how they treat their employees like family. I know her father is looking down and saying Shawn I am so proud of you.

Samantha - My mom used to work there, and I remember how awesome the family picnics were when I was young. And the one picnic that I won the largest swing set I’ve ever seen! And my parents still have it at their house for my children to play on it now. Thank you TTX



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