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Learning In Retirement

On April 23rd, 2024, participants from Learning in Retirement toured our facility in Sturgeon Bay, WI. The tour encompassed the history of TTX, the quality, innovation, and design of our products, and the overall growth & success of the company. The group was amazing to host. See what they had to say regarding their tour:

"Wonderful tour and history of your company. I'm so impressed with the initiative taken and risks encountered. Thank you so much."

"Incredible and very educational, these tours help me to understand the local companies in our area."

"This was a fabulous tour! All the presenters were clear in their explanations and enthusiastic about the company’s products and innovation. Please offer this again."

"Thank you for the interesting tour. I was never in a manufacturing facility and am overwhelmed by the diversity of your business. Thanks for touring us."

"Very informative presentation … felt welcome … I understand our presenter was also the owner/founder of the company. It didn’t seem there was anything he wasn’t knowledgeable about the company, products, and most of all employees … all glad to see and hear."

"The presentation was well-organized and provided interesting, useful information about a company that is a wonderful resource for many corporations outside our community while providing employment opportunities for many in our community."

"A fascinating look behind the scenes of a facility on the cutting edge of technology. I especially appreciated learning about TTX's vertical integration. I hope this tour is offered again."

"Thank you for your outstanding tour. It was remarkable to see the ways you produce so many quality products in such an innovative calm, clean, productive work environment. I truly appreciate your hospitality and the care you took to help us cross a busy road and to make sure we were able to navigate the stairs throughout your facility."

"Excellent opportunity to view a local and thriving business with lots of history."

We hope to see the group in 2025 for another tour of TTX!



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