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This year, TTX was privileged to participate in Southern Door’s and Sturgeon Bay’s STEAM Nights. Both nights were a great success & several families appreciated seeing TTX there.

These events are a great way to live out the TTX Mission Statement and the impact on the volunteers has long-lasting, root building, effects. Thank you for supporting STEAM in your community!


Huge Thank You to the volunteers who pulled these events off and represented TTX!

Please let them know how much you appreciate them as well.


Southern Door Volunteers: Sturgeon Bay Volunteers:

Nick Kasper Cloe Lohse

Adam Schopf Austin Wheaton

Steve Mann (and wife) Eli Huntley

Casey Bieri


Southern Door Steam Night, 03/12/2024:

"Hello, TTX Friends - Just reaching out to extend a BIG, HEARTY thank you for your involvement in this year's STEAM Night! I am grateful for our school/business partnership!"

Sturgeon Bay Steam Night, 04/18/2024:

"Thank you for helping to make Sunrise STEAM Night such a success. We received nothing but positive feedback from the 315+ people in attendance. Not only was it a great community event that helps our students engage with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math), it was also an evening packed with fun and smiles. BIGGEST THANKS to the people who were here making it a great event for students and their families. We appreciate their patience, friendliness, and investment in our youth!"



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