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          TTX Electrocoating Systems

Years of research, experience and engineering innovation go into every Therma-Tron-X electrocoating system. With Therma-Tron-X you get skills and know how of a world leader in E-coat technology....

          TTX Electrocoating Systems (en espanol)

Años de investigación, experiencia e innovación en ingeniería ir a cada Therma-Tron-X sistema de cataforesis. Con Therma-Tron-X a obtener habilidades y conocimientos de un líder mundial en tecnología de E-coat ....

          Electrocoat Earns an A

When it wanted to expand its pro? ts and customer base, Detroit-based Burkard Industries added Class A electrocoating to its repertoire of services…

          Electrocoating Large Enclosures

This paper will examine how and why a manufacturer of truck bodies added e-coat to the finishing operation at their new facility and relate how the design and execution of a electrocoat/liquid spray topcoat paint system addressed the problems...

          Electrocoating in Five Colors

This paper describes the design and operation of a system that e-coats fasteners in baskets in any one of five colors (with a future option for a sixth color).  Consideration will be given to system layout, concerns about paint contamination, material handling automation, load tracking, paint handling and wastewater disposal.

Powder Coating

          TTX Powder Coating Systems

Therma-Tron-X powder coating systems combine small town craftsmanship with a worldwide reputation for quality.

          TTX Powder Coating Systems (en espanol)

Therma-Tron-X los sistemas de recubrimiento en polvo se combinan la artesanía pequeña ciudad con una reputación mundial por su calidad.


          TTX Autodeposition

Autodeposition is a water-based, immersion coating technology for ferrous metal substrates. It requires no electrical charge and moderate curing temperatures.

          TTX Autodeposition (en espanol)

Liquid Coating

          TTX Liquid Coating Systems

Liquid coating systems from Therma-Tron-X have developed a reputation for dependability by reliably serving hundreds of customers across North America and overseas.

          TTX Liquid Coating Systems(en espanol)

Los sistemas líquidos de recubrimiento de Therma-Tron-X han desarrollado una reputación de fiabilidad por el servicio de forma fiable a cientos de clientes en América del Norte y en el extranjero.

Finishing System Components

Pretreatment Systems

          Pretreatment Cut Sheet

TTX pretreatment systems can be fabricated using mild or stainless steel. Slotted roof designs protect conveyor 
components from moisture and chemical overspray and treated parts from dripping conveyor lubricant. Piping and 
nozzles are fitted with maintenance and quick disconnection in mind.


          Oven Cut Sheet

TTX is experienced at designing units that fit your spatial needs and utility requirements. TTX ovens can 
be easily incorporated into your finishing system or used as a stand alone oven.  

Environmental Rooms

          Environmental Cut Sheet

Therma-Tron-X’s environmental rooms are engineered to provide ideal powder paint application conditions. They 
include temperature, humidity and multilevel filtration control equipment that balances airflow, maintaining ideal humidity and temperature conditions.

Liquid Spray Booths

          Liquid Spray Booths Cut Sheet

Therma-Tron-X designs and manufactures spray booths that fit your system requirements.  TTX spray booths provide the ideal paint application conditions that balance airflow and minimize overspray.

SlideRail SquareTransfer® (SST®) 

          SST® Cut Sheet

The SST™ coating system is unlike any other system in the finishing business. Not only does it significantly reduce 
the amount of floor space needed, it also allows increased load density

          TTX SST® Systems Brochure (en espanol)

El sistema SST™ recubrimiento es diferente a cualquier otro sistema en el negocio de acabado. No sólo reducen significativamente la cantidad de espacio de suelo necesario, también permite aumentar la densidad de carga.

          Square Transfer and Programmed Hoists

This presentation segment regarding system design will focus on indexing and programmed hoist application systems. Advantages and disadvantages of each type of system will be discussed.

          Square Transfer Finishing Systems

There is a wide variety of material handling equipment on which product can be moved through an automated finishing system.  Generally,  the material handling equipment may be broken down into two basic types: monorail and square transfer.   

          Square Transfer Revisited

This presentation segment regarding system design will focus on indexing and programmed hoist application systems. Advantages and disadvantages of each type of system will be discussed.

          Square Transfer vs Monorail Comparison

Midwest Products Finishing, Inc. is a custom coater located in Ottawa Lake, Michigan, which is in southeast Michigan near the Ohio state line.  Currently, we specialize in the electrocoating of components for the Automotive Industry, utilizing two different systems.  


          Econ-E-Coat® Cut Sheet

Introduced in 1990, Therma-Tron-X Econ-E-Coat systems offer high density throughput and have similar features as 
our SlideRail Square Transfer™ systems but in a smaller work envelope.

Custom E-coat Systems

          Custom E-coat Systems Cut Sheet

Our customers choose electrocoating because of its versatility and durability. Immersion ensures 100 percent coverage of complex parts, as well as uniform thickness with no runs or sags.


          Monorail Cut Sheet

TTX monorail finishing systems feature multiple stage stainless steel washers, ovens designed to minimize heat loss and conveyor systems that utilize high efficiency drives.

          TTX Monorail Coating Systems Brochure (en espanol)

El diseño, fabricación e instalación de completa monorraíl sistemas para electrorrevestimiento, polvo y líquido capa de pintura ha sido durante mucho tiempo una especialidad de Therma-Tron-X.

Power and Free Conveyors

          Power and Free Conveyor Cut Sheet

Therma-Tron-X designs, builds and installs power and free conveyor systems of any size and complexity


          Conveyor Cut Sheet

Every Therma-Tron-X conveyor system is custom designed for your specific application. TTX conveyors automate any finishing operation and seamlessly link a variety of processes.

          TTX Conveyor Brochure (en espanol)

Cada sistema de transportador de Therma-Tron-X es único en configuración, la carga y los requerimientos del proceso.

Programmed Hoist

          Programmed Hoist Cut Sheet

Therma-Tron-X programmable hoists are custom designed for high up-time performance and built to serve a wide variety of industrial finishing processes.

          TTX Programmed Hoists Brochure (en espanol)

Elevación de la velocidad múltiple y elevadores de viaje de Therma-Tron-X son equipado con componentes resistentes, de alta fiabilidad para manejar las más pesadas cargas de trabajo y cuentan con tanques construidos de materiales duraderos acero inoxidable - a diferencia de la construcción de plástico a menudo utilizado por otros fabricantes de equipos.

          Square Transfer and Programmed Hoists

This presentation segment regarding system design will focus on indexing and programmed hoist application systems. Advantages and disadvantages of each type of system will be discussed. 

Custom Combinations

           Custom Combinations Cut Sheet

Therma-Tron-X designs, fabricates and installs combination coating systems for original equipment manufacturers and contract coating businesses. Many of our clients are now opting for combination coating systems that offer the outstanding corrosion resistance and coverage provided by a powder or liquid top coat applied over an E-coat primer.

Water and Wastewater Treament

Wastewater Treatment Systems

          Wastewater Treatment Cut Sheet

TTX Environmental focuses exclusively on water and wastewater treatment products, paying close attention to changing regulations and new environmental concerns.

          TTX Wastewater Treatment Systems Brochure (en espanol)

El agua y equipos de tratamiento de aguas residuales de TTX Ambiental se ha diseñado con los procesos del mañana y normas de control de la contaminación en la mente.

Reverse Osmosis

          Reverse Osmosis (RO) Cut Sheet

TTX Environmental manufactures reverse osmosis (RO) units for virtually any application, either commercial or industrial.

          Iron Removal Cut Sheet

TTX Environmental iron removal units not only remove dissolved metal from your pickling solution, they simultaneously restore acid content to the proper operational concentration.  


           Clarifiers Cut Sheet

An important component of any complete wastewater treatment system, TTX Environmental clarifiers remove suspended solids from wastewater using density differences and gravity.

Water Reuse

          Water Reuse Cut Sheet

Before you reuse water at your plant, it must be polished.The term “water polishing” refers to any process that removes small, unwanted material from water.

Filter Presses

          Filter Presses Cut Sheet

Built to last, TTX Environmental filter presses dewater sludge taken from clarifiers to minimize its volume.


          Mixers Cut Sheet

TTX Environmental process mixers boast a no nonsense design that ensures reliable operation.

Pump Skids

TTX Environmental designs, fabricates and installs pump skids and complete pumping systems for use in many different processes. TTX Environmental pump skids combine all your pumping equipment into one central unit that is pre-wired, pre-piped and easy to install.

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