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Traveling Back in Time

This post is the first of many in a series called Traveling Back in Time. We will be highlighting previous jobs that have stood out and are memorable to TTX and the PE's (Project Engineers) who lead them. With this series we hope to show our customers and the community just how dedicated to each job we are. At TTX, we take pride in working closely with our customers and leveraging 50+ years of industry experience to deliver customized solutions. With every system we build and customer we work with, our goal is to develop long lasting relationships that are based on honesty, integrity and good business practices.


SST® E-Con-E-Coat - August 1999

Allentown, PA

Introduced in 1990, the Therma-Tron-X Econ-E-Coat® system offers high density throughput and has similar features to the TTX SLIDERAIL SQUARE TRANSFER® system, but in a smaller work envelope. Specifically designed to be portable, the modular unit can be relocated easily. The Econ-E-Coat® system provides the same high quality and durability as the SST®, with many having accumulated more than 100,000 hours of operation.

UPDATE: This system has since been bought and was moved to Dallas, PA. It is still in operation to this day!


Rigging to get the e-con-e-coat machine inside the building

A portion of the conveyor was on a wooden floor

The wastewater treatment system was in the basement

The EPEC building had a “saw tooth” roof

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