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July Rewind

SST® E-Con-E-Coat - August 1999

Allentown, PA

A portion of the conveyor was on a wooden floor and the wastewater treatment system was in the basement. Click here to read more


SST® 3-Color Barrel E-Coat Line Solon, OH

This job was the first SlideRail Square Transfer (SST®) E-coat barrel line where the product was cured in the barrel itself. TX patented the method of barrel E-coating. Click here to read more.


Monorail Washer and Cure Oven Pocahontas, AR

This E-coat monorail system was built to coat metal storage units. Pocahontas, AR is near the New Madrid Fault Line, which is one of the most active seismic zones in the US. The rooftop oven is designed for a seismic zone E and is only sitting on eight columns, which allows it to sway during an earthquake. Click here to read more.


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